Meet the iFalcon.

Multiple and infinite network construction:

The iFalcon integrated system provides user with timely all-dimensional visual interaction through thermal imaging technology. Based on the actual monitoring range, users can complete the construction of the Shared network by freely assigning signal receiving points, and carry out unified regulation through the information center to complete the long-distance multi-point signal transmission.

Convenient and user-friendly operation:

IFalcon thermal imaging technology is based on the effective combination of a variety of electronic equipment, trying to juggle products overall efficiency, compatibility, portability, and provides the user with a simple user interface, unified wireless communication and I/O protocol and multi-function operation, so that the remote experts and coordinator could share audio, video, and data simultaneously. The thermal imager can be divided into handheld portable and wearable helmets. The powerful wifi transmission device inside the product can convert timely captured image information into video and synchronously transmit it to the paired smartphone, tablet and laptop. IFalcon HP is a truly personalized and easy-to-use thermal imaging tool for today's fire, security, and civil defense, pursuing innovative technologies.

Customized sharing network:

With iFalcon's solution build mode, your team can work in sync across all environments, such as:

​- Multiple independent network domains (through the exchange of timely information between multiple devices);

- Team internal network construction (team internal local area communication, controlled by command vehicle as information center);

- Timely command transmission of the control center (communication with the command station).








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Thermal & Visible Imaging System.

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