iFalcon products have advantages that are used in a wide range of applications:

  • Search and rescue

  • Scene assessment

  • Locating the seat of the fire

  • Determining the spread of the fire

  • Locating hot spots

  • Identifying potential flashover situations

  • Determining ventilation points

  • Determining entry and exit points

  • Overhaul

  • Hazmat

  • Wild land fire fighting

  • Incident investigation

  • Training


Mine Search and Rescue

Rescuers will have both hands free, while operating in tunnels or mines, while wearing an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and easily orient themselves in darkness or smoke-filled environments.


Metro Interventions

Allows a rescuer to wear gas mask, without placing any fatigue on the arm, easily operate with tools and orient themselves in darkness or smoke-filled environment. Simplifies search and carrying injured people.


Wide areas coordination

Energy & Nuclear Plants, Missile storage

Rescuer will benefit from simultaneous and real time multiple views of intervention area(s), as well as geolocalization of each rescuer in the area, which generates faster and coordinated actions for effective disaster containment.


Railway, Highway and Road Tunnels

Enables direct view and thermal view, allowing a rescuer to wear gas mask and operate with free hands. Allows rescuers to easily see themselves in darkness or smoke-filled environment. Simplifies search and carrying injured people.


High return facilities during terroristic/emergency events 

Possibility for geo-localization and simultaneous view enables better coordination during intervention that cover wide areas, while sharing important video information.


Riot management and containment 

Where police forces and fire brigades need to operate in a “localized war context”, riots may call for fire containment as well as fast operations within a smoke context with use of SCBA and hands free. A real time remote video provides operations coordinator with a full assessment tool of the situation and allow for a faster response. Geo-localization of each operator further enables coordinated intervention within the public security officers.