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iFalcon products provide advantages that are useful in a wide range of applications:

  • Search and rescue

  • Scene assessment

  • Locating the seat of the fire

  • Determining the spread of the fire

  • Locating hot spots

  • Identifying potential flashover situations

  • Determining ventilation points

  • Determining entry and exit points

  • Overhaul

  • Hazmat

  • Wild land fire fighting

  • Incident investigation

  • Training


Mine Search and Rescue/ Metro Interventions/ Railway, Highway and Tunnels

Rescuers working in tunnels or mines will be able to easily locate themselves in dimly lit or   smoke-filled environments while wearing a SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus).

bomb attack.jpg

High return facilities  

In Energy Production industries, missile plants storage, nuclear plants, rescuer benefits   from simultaneous and real time multiple views of intervention area(s) as well as geo-   localization of each rescuer in the area, generating faster and coordinated actions for   effective disaster containment.


Wide areas coordination during forest fire

In case of forest fire,  rescuers can benefit of a geo-localization and simultaneous view that   enables improved coordination during intervention covering wide areas, while sharing     important   video and information.


Riot management and containment 

Riots may necessitate fire containment as well as quick operations within a smoke context   using SCBA and free hands. The operations coordinator can fully examine the situation   and respond faster with the help of a real-time remote video. A coordinated response   from the public security officers is further made possible by the geo-localization of each operator.

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